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These flight results from different cities to Dubai are based on a combination of the best price, speed, and convenience. The average duration of the flight is 3:00. Tickets start at 100 USD, and depend on factors such as travel time and the day of the week.

The fantastic Dubai, a metropolis in the desert

The city of Dubai is a consumption dream of many travelers around the world and enchants all who visit it for its grandeur, beautiful buildings and many landscapes. If you are planning to visit the United Arab Emirates, surely you need to include Dubai to your itinerary and Wow Tickets has some tips for you to get the best fly to Dubai (DXB) and enjoy the best experience.

The top attractions in Dubai

The city has several sights, attractions and breathtaking buildings that you need to know, because they are movie scenarios and worthy of many photos, so write there so as not to miss anything. 

  • Burj Khalifa: Being the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai spans 828 meters and offers stunning views, an observatory, luxurious restaurants and represents modern engineering and architecture in its maximum form, The building has also been the setting for several Hollywood action films and is one of Dubai’s most famous sights.
  • The Palm Jumeirah: Another very famous attraction in Dubai is the artificial island of the Palm Tree, called the Palm Jumeirah, is famous for the luxury resorts, exclusive beaches and upscale restaurants, The Jumeirah Palm is indeed a very curious structure because it was built only using sand and rocks without any iron or concrete, and you can not miss it.
  • The Desert Safari: The Safari desert can provide you with unique experiences and you can not miss, from dinners under the stars, belly dancing performances, camel rides and for those who like to venture, It is possible to make 4×4 jeep rides through the desert sand dunes. You will surely be impressed by the experience in the Arab desert.

5 tips on how to travel to Dubai at the best prices

Dubai is one of the most expensive countries to go, so let’s check out some tips on how to get the best deals to buy your flights to Dubai.

  • Buy in advance: As with every other destiny, it is really important to search and buy for your tickets in advance, so it’s not going to be different about getting your Dubai tickets. Try to get it 2 or 3 months before the date of your trip, by doing that you will guarantee a good price.
  • Be flexible: The main airport in Dubai to receive Dubai airlines is the International Airport of Dubai (DXB), so when you go to Dubai, you will probably find the prices a bit higher than if you go to another airport, try to change it and see the difference.
  • Comparison websites: Another way to get cheap flights to Dubai is to take a look at some comparison websites and see what company is offering the best price. You can also try to use an air company that is less famous or not the main one to get the good prices.
  • Miles Programs: If you are always using a credit card to buy your things you must check if that is providing you some point, these points can be changed as miles to transform in credits to your plane tickets to Dubai, it’s a good way to save money.

It’s time to Visit Dubai

Now you already know a bit about Dubai and got your plane ticket to Dubai, it’s time to embark on this amazing adventure and get to know that amazing city and country. We wish you a good and unforgettable trip.