Wowtickets™ promo codes

All you need to know to start using them

What are Wowtickets™ promo codes?

Wowtickets™ promo codes are designed to help our customers save money on their next trip by reducing the total flight price, including taxes and fees. While these codes are available to anyone, they can only be used by signed-up customers. Simply put, if you want a discount on your flight, use it while logged into the Wowtickets™ website or App.

How much can I save with Wowtickets™ promo codes?

Wowtickets™ promo codes provide fixed discounts to customers. The minimum discount is $5, with a maximum of $50 per ticket. We release promo codes regularly, so stay connected through our social media and subscribe to our newsletter to get promo codes delivered directly to your mailbox.

How do the promo codes work?

Once you have received a discount code, you can apply it to your flight booking. As you fill in your details on the booking page, simply paste the promo code into the dedicated box and submit the code. You will then see the price reduction.

How can I get a Wowtickets™ promo code?

It’s as straightforward as signing up on our website or app - every registered customer is entitled to receive a Wowtickets™ promo code.

Can I share a promo code with anyone?

Yes, you absolutely can and should share our promo codes with anyone you wish to help save money.