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These flight results from different cities to New Zealand are based on a combination of the best price, speed, and convenience. The average duration of the flight is 3:00. Airfare starts from 100 USD, and depends on factors such as travel time and the day of the week.

Reasons to Visit New Zealand and How to get cheap flights to NZ

If you don’t know New Zealand yet and have never heard of Maori culture, you need to get to know this wonderful country that is undoubtedly breathtaking. With the beautiful landscapes with huge islands and mountains, New Zealand is rich in culture and diverse outdoor activities, so if you are looking for a place to venture out and have fun without spending too much, especially in the tickets, come that Wow Tickets will help you to find the best cheap flights to NZ. 

Getting to know New Zealand

  • New Zealand culture: Maori culture is a vital part of New Zealand. The Maori people are of indigenous origin and their traditions, arts and legends are rooted in the population of the country, and it is possible to experience some of this culture in various ways.In the city of Rotorua, for example, there is a Maori culture center that is a tribal meeting place where they always present the famous Haka (war dance) of the Maori people, and you can still try the Hangi which is a traditional dish cooked on the ground.
  • Attractions in New Zealand: If you have a curious and adventure spirit you, for sure, need to go to the Queenstown city that has some extreme sports and lots of adventure for visitors, such as bungee jumping, skydiving, rafting, jet boat and many other adventures that if you enjoy venturing and practicing extreme sports, the tour will be very worthwhile of your time.
  • Best places to visit in New Zealand: One of the most famous places to visit in New Zealand are the places where the filming of the film took place “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” and you must have wondered where part of the scenes were recorded. Hobbiton is a county in the region that has the houses and many scenarios of the two movies, open for tourists to visit and feel inside a movie.

Best tip to get plane tickets to New Zealand

When you are thinking about traveling to New Zealand and how to get tickets to New Zealand, start with the itinerary you will do. This will help you when buying your tickets and save a lot with cheap airfares to New Zealand and here at will help you find the best offers and opportunities and also find the flights to New Zealand. 

Use comparison Websites

You can start by looking at websites that compare ticket prices, such as Google Flights, Skyscanner and Kayak flights that can help you find the best prices. Searching for air tickets with connections in cities near your destination can give you a great discount on the final value, and also you can look on weekdays like Tuesday or Wednesday, I guarantee you will have a huge difference.

Now, it’s time to go to New Zealand

Now you have your New Zealand plane tickets, it’s time to board and enjoy the wonders that New Zealand can offer you, but remember to make a Checklist before you take your flight so you do not forget anything, such as your tickets and personal items, for example.

Everything ready? Enjoy your trip and make several records for your trip to be marked and so you can remember whenever you want. We at are always on hand to help you get the best experiences and the best prices on your trip.