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Best Flight Results to Finland

These flight results from different cities to Finland are based on a combination of the best price, speed, and convenience. The average duration of the flight is 3:00. Airfare starts from 100 USD, and depends on factors such as travel time and the day of the week.

Come to know Finland, the dream trip

Finland is undoubtedly a breathtaking country and enchants visitors, with numerous tourist attractions you will not run out of activities to do while you are there. Known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes” that actually composes the natural landscapes, and it is still possible to enjoy more to the north the spectacle of the northern lights, and we cannot forget the midnight sun that occurs during the summer. 

Things to do in Finland

  • Northern Lights: If you have an adventurous spirit and dream of seeing the northern lights, during the winter , from September to April, in the region of Lapônia the northern lights paint the sky and provide a real spectacle of colors and often you can still make sleigh rides pulled by Huskies and even stay in a glass igloo where you can sleep enjoying the lights of the northern lights.
  • Helsinki and Museums: The capital of Finland, offers a rich history and a lot of culture, and strolling through the streets of the city is without a doubt a great choice of outdoor tour and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and monuments. Another activity is to visit the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art which is well known for its innovative exhibitions.

How to get a good trip and good prices for tickets?

It is not difficult to find cheap tickets to Finland and it does not even have to be a challenge, but with some tips, you can save a lot and get to know the wonders that the country can offer. With beautiful landscapes, rich culture, the so dreamed northern lights and many other curiosities, then when you fly to Finland, connect in the travel tips that we prepared for you.

  • Early Planning:Whenever you think about traveling to another city or country, it is very important to buy the tickets in advance so that you can organize yourself financially better and of course save money, since the tickets tend to be much cheaper when buying within 6 months. So start searching early for offers and promotions
  • Flexibility of Dates: Even though you have a planned itinerary with your dates and times and well-defined tours, you can try to be flexible about flights, because the high seasons tend to take prices to the heights due to great demand for the same destination as in the European summer that extends from holidays. So, choose to travel in low season or on weekdays like Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and you will probably mostly find cheaper Finland tickets. 
  • Price Alerts and Comparison Sites:When buying your tickets to your trips to Finland, it is very good that you compare airline prices to avoid spending too much and then find cheaper in another and regret it.
  • Alternative Routes: Sometimes direct flights to Finland can be more expensive, so always search for alternative routes that include connections in other European cities, or even within the country. Flying to a European destination, such as London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt, and from there taking a cheaper flight to Finland can result in savings and allow you to visit other cities in Europe without spending too much.

It’s time to travel

So if you are ready to travel to Finland we at Wow Tickets are sure that it will be an unforgettable experience and with a little planning and research, you can find cheap airfare and still take advantage of these tips to save on your next trip and enjoy all that Finland has to offer, from the stunning landscapes to the rich culture and hospitality of the Finnish people.