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Exploring the world with Gaurav: A Journey into Travel Blogging

Exploring the world with Gaurav: A Journey into Travel Blogging
Date ReleaseNovember 1, 2023
Date UpdateMay 14, 2024

We at Wowtickets.com had the pleasure of interviewing Gaurav Verma, a travel expert who will share his travel stories, feelings and emotions in this deep interview about these experiences that made him win the hearts of countless readers around the world.

If you don’t already know Gaurav Verma, this is a great opportunity to meet him and admire him as much as we do, because Gaurav Verma is not a simple traveler who does only typical adventures, in fact, his passion and curiosity for new adventures lead him to explore incredible places that few people had the courage to explore before and through his passion for writing he shares these experiences and trips also with his readers who may feel a little bit of emotion he feels while living all this.

Gaurav travels: Who is Gaurav Verma?

To understand Gaurav’s journey, we have to begin to understand who he is, don’t we? And starting with his academic experience, Gaurav Verma is an engineer by profession, specialising in Mechanical Engineering which we know at first glance, you might not expect a mechanical engineer to be a travel blogger, but that’s the beauty of his story because, He is certainly an excellent example of someone who turned a passion into a second career, showing that you do not need to be a professional writer to share your travel experiences and delight thousands of people with your adventures.

And during his career transition, he explained to us the importance of his dedication to this because many people believe it to be an easier profession than others when in fact his commitment to the ever-changing landscape has become his profession 24×7.

Important tips to your travel according to Gaurav Travels World 

One of the main points that Gaurav points out on his blog are valuable tips for his travels, and of course we could not fail to ask him for some tips for our readers as well. So we got some valuable tips on the packing process and what you need to travel and live your adventures.

He explained, “One small handbag can be sufficient for 4-5 days, and a large backpack may not be enough for the trip. It entirely depends upon individual comfort, preference, and ability to carry it.” Gaurav’s packing style is influenced by his preference for offbeat locations, where the ability to survive in the worst-case scenario becomes essential.

He has mentioned in his blogs that he follows the golden rule: “Lighter the baggage; convenient will be your travel.” Gaurav’s travel bag always contains some must-have items, including chargers for his camera and mobile, a water bottle, a few fruits to account for one meal, a torch, paper soap, a small notepad to jot down interesting facts about the spots he visits, and currency notes for places where online payments might not work.

One unique piece of advice he offered to fellow travelers is to carry a few Paracetamol tablets and an inhaler. The reason behind this is the tendency of our bodies to react to changes in the environment, leading to allergies, fever, and difficulty in breathing, which can quickly turn a trip sour.

A unique way to experience more cultures: Gastronomy!

And when we talk about travel, we can not forget the fact that you also explore the culture of the places and one of the ways we learn most about cultures and traditions is through the tasting of local cuisine that is usually full of stories, unique spices and recipes that pass from generation to generation and Gaurav had the honor of tasting several different cuisines with many unique dishes and when asked about where to find the best food, Gaurav did not say to us that there is no competition for him when we talk about the Dal Baati Churma of Rajasthan, being one of the typical dishes that tourists should taste when visiting the place.

Its rich flavors and traditional preparation make it an unbeatable experience. Beyond Rajasthan, he highlighted the incredible hospitality of Turkish people and the amazing food choices in Istanbul. Exploring the culinary world is a significant part of his travel adventures.

Traveling with responsibility

In an era where sustainable and responsible travel is gaining paramount importance, Gaurav doesn’t stay behind. He recognizes that attractive tourist destinations are often fragile ecosystems with limited capacity to accommodate disturbances.

Gaurav stressed the importance of reducing plastic waste as the simplest way towards responsible travel in his blogs. He practices what he preaches by always carrying a steel water bottle and getting it refilled wherever possible. This small act, he explained, can significantly reduce plastic waste during a short trip.

Gaurav stressed the importance of reducing plastic waste as the simplest way towards responsible travel in his blogs.

The importance of meeting new people on the road

Another important factor for us travel bloggers is the connections we create with people along our path and that through these connections we know incredible stories that mark us deeply. And of course we couldn’t help but ask Gaurav his most remarkable stories and He shared a story that resonated deeply with his passion for sustainable living.

He introduced us to the Bishnoi region, located approximately 25 km from Jodhpur, where a self-sufficient community coexists peacefully with nature. The people in this region have a profound philosophy: “Needs can be fulfilled, but GREED cannot be. There are sufficient resources for everyone on this earth.” This region’s dedication to preserving trees, even at the cost of lives, showcases a remarkable commitment to sustainable living.

As a travel blogger, Gaurav’s journey is full of stories like these, where he witnessed the beauty of simple life through the people and places he met.

The difficult and challenges of the digital age

Over the years, we can say that everything has evolved with technology and social media and being so, the travel industry would not lag behind becoming a challenge for some travel bloggers to stay up to date in the media and continuing highlights in the internet crowd.

Gaurav has mastered the art of adapting to these changes. He emphasized that with improved features and easier content posting on social media, staying relevant as a blogger is more accessible than ever. He proudly shared, “I am a Mechanical Engineer who had ZERO skills about any editing, but keeping abreast with social media has made me learn about editing software.”

He also highlighted the importance of providing verified information with attractive pictures about the places he visits. Authenticity is his key to retaining the love and trust of his audience.

Uniquely, all your posts are firsthand accounts of your travels, that add an element of authenticity that is often missing in the age of saturated online content that in recent days has been generated by AI which takes the essence of the human perspective of many things.

The importance of changing perspective

When we talk about travel, we know that traveling changes our life and perspective on many things, even on subjects we did not see around us and we began to pay more attention and with Gaurav this is no exception. He shared three key life lessons he’s picked up along the way:

1. Everything will not be in your control every time, no matter how intelligent you are. Therefore, one should keep adapting and evolving in life.

2. Never take shortcuts in life for short-term gains. Many trekkers are getting lost nowadays due to unfamiliarity with the area and associated risks.

3. Respect local customs and instructions when visiting a place. As guests, it’s essential to honor the traditions and guidelines of the places we explore.

These life lessons are a testament to the transformative power of travel, helping individuals like Gaurav gain a deeper understanding of the world and themselves.

Key lessons through his travelling

One of the most exciting aspects of Gaurav’s travels is his dedication to giving back and He shared his belief that making someone happy doesn’t require herculean efforts. For Gaurav, the path to happiness is paved with a commitment to local economies.

While traveling to remote areas, he has observed the stark contrast between lavish metro cities and regions living in abject poverty emphasizing that the benefits of economic growth should extend to the last mile of a country, and travel is a powerful means to achieve this.

And for us tourists, this means not only supporting local businesses but also enjoying the benefits that these places can offer us as local restaurants with uniquely prepared typical foods, handmade local products and even accommodation and accommodations that are provided so that we have the best experience possible during our trip making us also give back to the communities we visit.

How to the budget: Tips for travelers

Let’s be honest, traveling can be expensive and budget management is crucial to a successful journey if you want to know several countries and Gaurav shared some practical advice for managing your budget while exploring new destinations.

He highlighted the importance of careful planning and avoiding last-minute changes to the itinerary. However, he acknowledged that in offbeat places, it’s impossible to plan everything. In such cases, approaching locals for suggestions becomes invaluable, as they possess a deep knowledge of the area.

Gaurav’s travel wisdom also extends to transportation. He recommended using shared local transportation, which not only saves money but also provides the opportunity to interact with locals. Opting for an auto instead of a taxi can take you closer to your destination, even in challenging road conditions. 

Gaurav’s travel bucket list

Every traveler has a bucket list, and Gaurav is no exception. His dream destinations are characterized by peace, minimal crowds, clean air, and the allure of the lesser-known and he described his ideal destination as a place that offers a long journey through enchanting landscapes that fascinate him with everything around him.

He told us that his next adventure takes him to Champawat in Uttarakhand, a region that promises the serenity and authenticity he seeks where he will enjoy not only his destiny but also the path he will travel there.

Featured blog: Raneh Falls – India’s Hidden Gem

In the spirit of sharing remarkable travel experiences, Gaurav recommended exploring Raneh Falls in his blog, an astonishing canyon formation situated inside the Ken Gharial Sanctuary. And as a summary, we can say that this hidden treasure has numerous waterfalls formed along the course of the Ken River, creating a canyon 5 km long and that despite being a magnificent place to travel, surprisingly, almost no visitor seeks this breathtaking place to travel and Gaurav’s question remains: “Is there any need to visit the Grand Canyon when such a spot exists in our India?”

Travel Images

To complement his engaging travel tales, Gaurav shared a collection of captivating travel images with breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures and inspiring moments he found in his adventures out there and these images serve as a testament to the power of travel to enrich life without even talking about money.

As you can see, Gaurav Verma’s journey as a travel blogger is not just about destinations; is about a way of life where it is proof that you don’t need a formal training in writing or journalism to become a successful travel blogger because only your passion for eccentric places, authenticity and simplicity resonated with readers around the world and created a unique connection with his audience that he maintains through his daily efforts which makes him stand out in this world of travel where even with many bloggers, few have the vision of the transformative power of travel as Gaurav has and the way to pass it on to his audience with insights, life lessons and an important sense of responsibility in relation to the places he visits and in relation to his readers.

And here, at the end of our interview, we are reminded that the journey is as important as the destination, and every step along the way has the potential to enrich our lives. So, if you are also a travel lover, you can not miss visiting his blog and know the stories he will tell you there and even tips for your trips.

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