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Exploring the world with Gaurav: A Journey into Travel Blogging

Exploring the world with Gaurav: A Journey into Travel Blogging

Exploring the world with Gaurav: A Journey into Travel Blogging

Date ReleaseNovember 1, 2023
Date UpdateNovember 21, 2023

In this in-depth interview, we delve into the world of travel blogging with Gaurav Verma, a seasoned traveler whose passion for offbeat destinations and authentic experiences has captured the hearts of readers worldwide.


Gaurav Verma is not your run-of-the-mill traveler. He’s not in it for the well-trodden paths and typical tourist experiences. Gaurav’s love for adventure and his insatiable curiosity have led him to explore the hidden gems, the offbeat corners of the world that many people might overlook. And he’s not just a traveler; he’s a travel blogger who brings these unique journeys to life through his engaging writing.

The Journey Begins: Who is Gaurav Verma?

To understand Gaurav’s journey, we have to start with the man himself. Gaurav Verma is an engineer by profession, specializing in Mechanical Engineering. At first glance, you might not expect a mechanical engineer to be a travel blogger, but that’s the beauty of his story. He’s a prime example of someone who turned a passion into a second career, showing that you don’t have to be a professional writer to share your travel experiences.

Gaurav’s transition from engineering to travel blogging is a testament to his dedication. He explained, “With daily evolving social media, blogging has become a 24 x 7 affair.” His commitment to staying relevant in the ever-changing landscape of travel trends and technology has been pivotal in his success.

Unpacking the Essentials: Packing Tips from a Pro

Gaurav’s journey into the world of travel is not just about the destinations but also the process of getting there. One of the first things he emphasized was the art of packing. While there may not be a one-size-fits-all approach, Gaurav shared some valuable insights on the matter.

He explained, “One small handbag can be sufficient for 4-5 days, and a large backpack may not be enough for the trip. It entirely depends upon individual comfort, preference, and ability to carry it.” Gaurav’s packing style is influenced by his preference for offbeat locations, where the ability to survive in the worst-case scenario becomes essential.

He has mentioned in his blogs that he follows the golden rule: “Lighter the baggage; convenient will be your travel.” Gaurav’s travel bag always contains some must-have items, including chargers for his camera and mobile, a water bottle, a few fruits to account for one meal, a torch, paper soap, a small notepad to jot down interesting facts about the spots he visits, and currency notes for places where online payments might not work.

One unique piece of advice he offered to fellow travelers is to carry a few Paracetamol tablets and an inhaler. The reason behind this is the tendency of our bodies to react to changes in the environment, leading to allergies, fever, and difficulty in breathing, which can quickly turn a trip sour.

A Gastronomic Journey: Best Food According to Gaurav

Traveling is not just about the places you visit; it’s also about the food you savor along the way. Gaurav has had the privilege of tasting diverse cuisines, and he shared his thoughts on where to find the best food.

For Gaurav, there’s no competition when it comes to the authentic Dal Baati Churma of Rajasthan. Its rich flavors and traditional preparation make it an unbeatable experience. Beyond Rajasthan, he highlighted the incredible hospitality of Turkish people and the amazing food choices in Istanbul. Exploring the culinary world is a significant part of his travel adventures.

Sustainability: Traveling with Responsibility

In an era where sustainable and responsible travel is gaining paramount importance, Gaurav doesn’t stay behind. He recognizes that attractive tourist destinations are often fragile ecosystems with limited capacity to accommodate disturbances.

Gaurav stressed the importance of reducing plastic waste as the simplest way towards responsible travel in his blogs. He practices what he preaches by always carrying a steel water bottle and getting it refilled wherever possible. This small act, he explained, can significantly reduce plastic waste during a short trip.

Meeting Fascinating Individuals: Stories from the Road

One of the remarkable aspects of travel is the people you meet along the way. Gaurav has had his fair share of encounters with individuals who left a lasting impact on him. He shared a story that resonated deeply with his passion for sustainable living.

He introduced us to the Bishnoi region, located approximately 25 km from Jodhpur, where a self-sufficient community coexists peacefully with nature. The people in this region have a profound philosophy: “Needs can be fulfilled, but GREED cannot be. There are sufficient resources for everyone on this earth.” This region’s dedication to preserving trees, even at the cost of lives, showcases a remarkable commitment to sustainable living.

Gaurav’s journey is filled with stories like these, where he’s witnessed the beauty of simple living and the invaluable lessons it offers.

Staying Relevant in the Digital Age: Adapting to Changes in Travel Trends

The travel industry has evolved significantly with the rise of social media and technology. Staying relevant as a travel blogger means adapting to these changes and ensuring that your content stands out in the crowd.

Gaurav has mastered the art of adapting to these changes. He emphasized that with improved features and easier content posting on social media, staying relevant as a blogger is more accessible than ever. He proudly shared, “I am a Mechanical Engineer who had ZERO skills about any editing, but keeping abreast with social media has made me learn about editing software.”

He also highlighted the importance of providing verified information with attractive pictures about the places he visits. Authenticity is his key to retaining the love and trust of his audience. All his posts are firsthand accounts of his travels, which add an element of authenticity that’s often missing in the age of over-saturated online content.

Changing Perspectives: How Travel Alters Outlook on Life

Travel has a profound impact on one’s outlook on life, and Gaurav is no exception. Through his adventures, he has learned to appreciate the present moment, understanding that worries serve no purpose. He shared three key life lessons he’s picked up along the way:

1. Everything will not be in your control every time, no matter how intelligent you are. Therefore, one should keep adapting and evolving in life.

2. Never take shortcuts in life for short-term gains. Many trekkers are getting lost nowadays due to unfamiliarity with the area and associated risks.

3. Respect local customs and instructions when visiting a place. As guests, it’s essential to honor the traditions and guidelines of the places we explore.

These life lessons are a testament to the transformative power of travel, helping individuals like Gaurav gain a deeper understanding of the world and themselves.

Enriching Life Through Travel: Key Lessons

One of the most heartwarming aspects of Gaurav’s travels is his dedication to giving back. He shared his belief that making someone happy doesn’t require herculean efforts. For Gaurav, the path to happiness is paved with a commitment to local economies.

While traveling to remote areas, he has observed the stark contrast between lavish metro cities and regions living in abject poverty. He emphasized that the benefits of economic growth should extend to the last mile of a country, and travel is a powerful means to achieve this.

For travelers, this means supporting local businesses, enjoying food from local eateries, buying local products, and staying at accommodations operated by locals. Gaurav’s approach enriches his trips and ensures that he contributes to the communities he visits.

Managing the Budget: Tips for Thrifty Travelers

Travel can be expensive, and budget management is crucial for a successful journey. Gaurav shared some practical advice for managing your budget while exploring new destinations.

He highlighted the importance of careful planning and avoiding last-minute changes to the itinerary. However, he acknowledged that in offbeat places, it’s impossible to plan everything. In such cases, approaching locals for suggestions becomes invaluable, as they possess a deep knowledge of the area.

Gaurav’s travel wisdom also extends to transportation. He recommended using shared local transportation, which not only saves money but also provides the opportunity to interact with locals. Opting for an auto instead of a taxi can take you closer to your destination, even in challenging road conditions. Click here to visit Gaurav’s blog.

The Uncharted Path Ahead: Gaurav’s Travel Bucket List

Every traveler has a bucket list, and Gaurav is no exception. His dream destinations are characterized by peace, minimal crowds, clean air, and the allure of the lesser-known. He described his ideal destination as a place that offers a long drive through captivating landscapes.

His upcoming adventure takes him to Champawat in Uttarakhand, a region that promises the serenity and authenticity he seeks. For Gaurav, the journey itself is as important as the destination, and the path less traveled always beckons.

Featured Blog: Raneh Falls – India’s Hidden Gem

In the spirit of sharing remarkable travel experiences, Gaurav recommended exploring Raneh Falls in his blog, an astonishing canyon formation situated inside the Ken Gharial Sanctuary. This hidden treasure boasts numerous waterfalls formed along the course of the Ken River, creating a 5 km-long canyon. Astonishingly, despite being only 22 km from Khajuraho, hardly any visitors venture to this breathtaking spot. Gaurav’s question lingers: “Is there any need to visit the Grand Canyon when such a spot exists in our India?”

A Visual Journey: Captivating Travel Images

To complement his engaging travel tales, Gaurav shared a collection of captivating travel images. These visuals provide a window into the breathtaking landscapes, diverse cultures, and awe-inspiring moments he has encountered on his journeys. These images serve as a testament to the power of travel to enrich one’s life.

Conclusion: A Voyage Beyond the Ordinary

Gaurav Verma’s journey as a travel blogger is not just about destinations; it is about a way of life. He is proof that you don’t need a formal background in writing or journalism to become a successful travel blogger. His passion for offbeat locations, authenticity, and simplicity has resonated with readers worldwide. 

In a world inundated with travel content, Gaurav’s adventures stand out. His experiences are a testament to the transformative power of travel, offering not only beautiful landscapes and delicious food but also life lessons, cultural insights, and a sense of responsibility towards the places he visits.

As we conclude our interview with Gaurav, we’re reminded that the journey is as important as the destination, and every step along the way has the potential to enrich our lives. So, whether you’re an avid traveler or an armchair explorer, Gaurav’s stories provide a captivating portal to a world beyond the ordinary, where every adventure is an opportunity to learn, grow, and appreciate the beauty of our diverse planet. Read the latest blogs from Gaurav here.

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